22 Fundamental Facts Expatriate Employees should know about Health Insurance in Germany

Getting Health Insurance in Germany is tricky business. We’ll help you see the pitfalls.

The 22 facts will help you better understand your choices and alternatives.

Private or Public Health Insurance?

There are a lot of pros and cons to look at, before you decide in which scheme you fit best. Only few German Private Health Insurance companies accept foreigners without huge bureaucratic paperwork – some even do not accept foreigners until they have been resident here for at least two years.

We help you to understand the pros and cons and choose the best option with you.


Mirja Link-Lundehn

Mirja Link-Lundehn

co-founder of KLforExpats and licensed insurance expert


I love the daily business working side-by-side with clients. I like supporting them - especially when it’s urgent, in the event of a claim. It makes my day when I can find an attractive solution for a tricky situation!

Feeling helpless within the

German Health Insurance 'jungle'?

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