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Every newcomer to Germany needs to find health insurance. But the maze of rules and requirements can be overwhelming.

You need an independent insurance broker you can trust, who speaks your language, and who knows German insurance.

I´ve guided hundreds of employed Expats on this journey and I promise to make this journey less stressful and more sucessful for you.

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Mirja Lundehn – Independent insurance broker

Co-founder of KLforExpats and licensed insurance expert

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Our service for employees with a local employment contract in Germany:

  • A personalised one-to-one service where you will speak to our specialist advisor and Co-Founder, Mirja, personally
  • A free service which will see health providers pay for our service (not you!) without compromise on finding the best plan for you.
  • End to end service from helping you choose the right plan, signing up and even helping you to make a claim down the track.

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We all know: There is no such thing as a free lunch!

Here is how it works: We are paid a commission from the insurance provider. In fact, it´s not legal in Germany for insurance brokers to charge clients for advice. Only after you buy a product that you are happy with, do we at KLforExpats get paid. The price is the same whether you work with us or directly with an insurance company.

No German needed

Why clients rave about us

So, what's in it for you? Firstly, we speak English and love our job and because we're a small team we offer a personal touch which means you are our #1 priority, always! We are flexible, uncomplicated and speedy. We know our clients individually and we take the time to deal with your unique requirements. Deciding in favour of our services means deciding in favour of transparency. After all, making plans for the future is a matter of trust. You're in friendly, experienced hands!

Real people. Real awesome.

Team KLforExpats
The team of KLforExpats from left to right: Andi, Mirja, Armin and Chiara

"Got a question? Have a problem? We proudly support expats from all over the world relocating to Germany—and whatever you need, we’re here to help. Because good customers deserve good experiences. Here, knowing your name is only the beginning."

Our Company specializes in the health insurance needs of incoming foreigners who work here in Germany with a local employment contract.

KLforExpats is a brand of the independent insurance brokerage KL Versicherungsservice GmbH, hosting also the comparison tool Quickity. From our office in Cologne, we work with clients throughout Germany and the world.

With our insurance expert Mirja you can put all your health insurance worries behind you.

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Mirja Lundehn - Co-Founder of KLforExpats Mirja Lundehn – Independent insurance broker

Co-founder of KLforExpats and licensed insurance expert

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"I can't recommend Mirja and her team highly enough! She was patient, responsive and thorough in all details of her work helping me and my partner find the right health insurance and navigate the complicated sign up process. All while answering a multitude of questions from me along the way. If you're at a loss for where to start looking for health insurance in Germany, start here."

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"Mirja is knowledgable, efficient, and thorough. She quickly provided me with a health insurance plan optimized for my unique situation. Highly recommended."

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"Right after our first phone call I had no doubt about Mirja professionalism and expertise in the complicated German health insurance system. In a matter of hours I got several option to chose from, with a clear explanation and tailored to my request. Mirja went above and beyond to fit my needs without compromises and she did it real quick with a tight deadline! If you're searching for help to set up an health insurance in Germany, simply look no further."

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